An essay on road safety measures

An essay on road safety measures

I tried to write an essay questtion from IELTS book 2 following Simon’s formula. Any comment from community is welcome. Question: Disruptive school students have a.



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If the levels of wastage continue, extra 4,300 tones of carbon dioxide will be pumped into the atmosphere by essay. bad safety measures 1) may not be able to finish school 2) finanically not stable 3) parents dont live under same roof 4) not ready for a child 5)has to grow up ALOT 6) most friends wont talk to you anymore (depends on who you are) 7) babies cost alot of moneyGood things 1) you have a beautiful baby 2) you are a parent 3) maybe you grew up (depending on the person) 4) brought your family closer (depending on the family)good luck.

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The Promise: The Families of Sandy Hook and the Long Road to Gun Safety Matt Bennett..  


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Road Safety Essay. Road Safety Essay Firstly, I want to briefly explain what traffic collision is. It is commonly known as a car. crash. A car crash takes place…