Reaction paper on qualitative research

Reaction paper on qualitative research

Volume 7, No. 1, Art. 21 – January 2006 The Use of Qualitative Content Analysis in Case Study Research Florian Kohlbacher Abstract: This paper aims at exploring and discussing the possibilities of applying qualitative content.


The Use of Qualitative Content Analysis in Case Study.

Volume 2, No. 1, Art. 16 – February 2001 Discovery as Basic Methodology of Qualitative and Quantitative Research 1 Gerhard Kleining & Harald Witt Abstract: The paper argues 1. that methodologies of qualitative research in…  


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Critically appraising qualitative research – The BMJ

0.1 The purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate the nature and basic methods of qualitative research to social work students and novice researchers who plan to use qualitative research in their own field of study. First, we explain…  


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